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A Hyderabad based, all India presence company Dhana Crop Sciences established in 1990s, Currently offers over 50 Generic insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, Nutritionals, PGRs, Organic Chalets, Organic mineral Gluconats and Glycinates, Proteins Hydrolysates and other aids from a portfolio of more than 50 strategic active ingredients. Dhana Crop Sciences also supplies end-use products to other marketers and distributers in india. Supported by diversified strengths, the Dhana Crop Sciences portfolio of products and capabilities continues to expand.

because it offers a consistent supply of superior formulations sold at value prices. Control, consistency and cost give you confidence in
Dhana Crop Sciences products.

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Dhana Crop Sciences has built up sufficient production capcities in formulation like EC, LL, SC, EW, WDP, SP etc Molecules that are in regular formulation are can see in product link page or list scrolling in right hand side....

Depending on the customer needs, Dhana Crop Sciences can formulate any product that is under license from Central Insecticide Board.


  • Soil Test Kit

    Using this portable soil testing kit developed at ANGR Agricultural University, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad one can analyze soil at field level and know the soil fertility status on the spot. This Kit consists of chemical reagents for 10 parameters and a small instrument of salinity test.

  • Plant Tissue Test Kit

    The crop growth and productivity is conditioned by many factors of which, the nutrient status (content) of plant parts such as leaf, stem, etc play a critical role. Moreover the leaf and stem are considered as the indicator parts of plants for assessing the nutrients content of plant.

  • Kit for Organic Manures

    The use of organic manures like farm yard manures, vermicompost, farm residues, oil cakes, etc., along with chemical fertilizers is receiving much attention. Addition of organic manures in soil causes the soil life to flourish and carry on with the related biological functions.

  • Water Test Kit

    Irrigation waters have to be judged for their quality in terms of its salinity hazards (EC) or alkali hazards (SAR and other assay) or for specific ion effect (chlorine and boron contents). Under polluting environments, which are specific, heavy metal content like lead, cadmium, chromium and mercury besides BOD