New Releases

Pasura Gold gr    

Pasura Gold Granules are derived from natural proteins, fulvic acids and organic substances.
. Pasura Gold granules are useful for spreading of crops primary and secondary root system,

  • which in contact with soil particles assists in absorption of water and minerals on surface of the root system
  • Pasura Gold granules also helps to increase the root hair sytem.
  • Pasura Gold granules also useful in maintaining the ratio of weight of organic carbon to weight of total nitrogen in soil or organic material in soil.
  • Pasura Gold granules can reduce usage of chemical fertilizers upto 30%
      Sugar Max

SUGAR MAX specially formulated by state of the art technology from PASURA research house for quick convertion of nitrogen into more functional forms of nitrogen in plants. It increases sugar production and transportation in plant roots and leafs.

SUGAR MAX will correct BORON and MOLYBDNUM deficiencies and give more uniform size of fruits and yields. It will shorten internode length, increase lateral branching and increase number of fruit points while decreasing fruit & bud abortion.