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The various products of Dhana Crop Sciences are very cost eff ective & with better performance than the products available in this space

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Effect is preventive and early curative broadspectrum disease-controller.

It controls viruses viz. leaf curl virus, litter leaf virus, ring spot virus, yellow vein mosaic virus et al., it controls funguses viz. Downy mildew, powdery mildew, alternaria leaf spot, cercosporal leaf spot, die back et al. It controls bacteria viz, bacterial blight, bacterial leaf spot, bacterial spots on fruit, etal. It also controls micro nutrient deficiency deseases.

Effect stops flower shedding and improves the overall health of plants thereby increases flowering that results in considerable enhancement of yield in crops.

Rate of Application

Dilute 1 ml.Effect in 1 litre of water and spray on crops at intervals of 5-15 days or as recommended. Available packs: 50ml., 100ml and 250ml.


Crops: Cotton, Chillies, Vegetables and other Horticultural Crops

BHADRA is a unique dual-action product that creates a physical barrier under the cuticle and activates plant endogenous defense mechanisms. Boosts nutrient absorption and its concentration in leaves. Nutrients has a well-known anti-stress effect in plants.


Prevents mechanical stress, enlarges and reinforces the plant tissues, thus preventing physical damage (loading or crushing of plants).

  • Action against biotic stress: Prevents the penetration of external agents, thus making the plants less susceptible to enzymatic degradation caused by fungal pathogen agents.
  • Reduces transpiration by preventing excess loss of water. No chemical residues: its special formula and mechanism of action leaves no residues of any type.
  • Dosage: 200gms per acre


A natural botanical product protects viral and fungal diseases

Inhibits spore germination, prevents, cures diseases and increase yields.


Viraaj is an VIRUCIDE mainly to resist the major disease called "blast" (pyricularia oryzae) on RICE.

It is also called "rotten neck", which is a devastating epidemic in India. In paddy if leaf lesions are typically spindled shaped, wide in centre and pointed toward either end. Large lesions develop gray centers. Blast disease can have different forms leaf blast / node blast / neck blast. Lesions on panicle neck nodes results empty panicles are the symptoms.

  • Dosage: 1.5Gms per lit of water
  • Recommended crops: Paddy
  • Available packing: 150Gms


Derived from Gaultheria Fragrantissima wall and other medicinal plant materials.

Biotos is a natural synergist and adjuvant that has been designed to enhance the efficacy of a wide range of fungicides. Biotos may be used along with any funcides (Traditional & New) at the rate of 1.5 ml to 2.0 ml / litre of water. It suggested to use it as a tank mix and spraying should be taken up preferably during cool hours of the day. Add Biotos to fungicides that are to be used according to the manufactures recommendations.

  • *Mix thoroughly the spray fluid before spraying.*
  • Activates the auto immune system and induces SAR in plants
  • Signals and produces more pathogenesis related protein
  • Kills pathogens effectively, increases plant growth and development