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The various products of Dhana Crop Sciences are very cost eff ective & with better performance than the products available in this space

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Bio Spark SL is a biochemical product based on sea weed extract & Amino Acids.

It consists of Amino Acids 24% & Sea weed extract 2.5%. Seaweed extract is obtained from Ascophyllum nodusum, a weed grown in Norwegian Sea, by alkaline hydrolysis using cold process. Sea weed extract is a stress alleviator, effective in biotic & abiotic stress conditions of plants maximizing both crop yield & quality.

Sea weed extract consists of cytokinine, Auxins & Betains. Betains are Methyl Donors which plant converts to formaldehyde which leads to better immunity in crop system. Betains are shown to play a major role in reducing root knot nematode infestation & leaf curl disease caused by Thrips & Mites

Beneficial effects of Bio Spark SL

  • Increased crop yield.
  • Increased uptake of inorganic nutrients from the soil.
  • Improved shelf life of fruit.
  • Improved seed germination.
  • Improved root development.
  • Increased resistance to stress condition

Rate of Application: 100ml per 200 - 250 lts. of water per Acre 250 ml per 600 lts. of water per hectare.


A biological derivative containing mixture of naturally derived proteins, cytokinins, inorganic salts and other inherent nutrients of vegetables origin.


  • Induces flowering, fruit setting and stops premature flower dropping.
  • Provides drought resistance by its direct action
  • Promotes enzymatic activities as natural stimulants
  • Enhances water retention

Rate of Application: 1 to 1.5 gms. per 1 liter of water


An exclusive, eco-friendly bio-fertilizer, based on vegetable and plant origin with hydrolyzed proteins, sea weed, (Ascophyllum nodosum), humic acid, enzymes, auxins and fortified with agricultural useful micro organisms for maximum and better quality yields in granular form for soil application.


  • Develops Profuse and strong root system
  • More tillering, early maturity
  • Resistance to stress, pests and diseases, especially soil born



  • It improves grains, bolls and fruits formation.
  • It reduces the shedding of buds, flowers and fruits.
  • Induces and improves the immunity in the plants against pest and diseases.
  • Works as a Natural stimulant by activating the enzymes to perform better

Dosage: 2ml to 3ml per Liter of water

Recommended Crops: All Crops

Available packs: 100Ml, 250Ml, 500Ml, 1Lit & 5 Lit


XLNC contains Humic acid, Fulvic acid and Auxins.

1 litre of XLNC is Equivalent to 7 MT of Organic Manure.

XLNC improves crop yield by :

  • Accelerating germination
  • Enhancing seeding vigour and root growth
  • Improving uptake and translocation of micro and macro nutrients.


SUPERMAX 20 contains nitro Benzene 20%.

SUPERMAX 20 is a plant energizer, flowering stimulant and yield booster. SUPERMAX 20 enhances the plant canopy and induces profused flowering and there by increases the yield. Spraying of SUPERMAX 20 in every 25 days after 15 days of sowing / transplantation increases the yield significantly. SUPERMAX 20 prevents flowers shedding and it enhance early flowering, plants take less time to flower. SUPERMAX 20 increases the flowering rate and improves the yield of flowers upto 20-40%. It stimulates growth of flower parts & promotes early fruit setting.

SUPERMAX 20 stimulates cell elongation & promotes increase in yield on account of increase in fruit number and size.

  • Dosage : 5 to 10 ml / litre depends upon crop size
  • Crops : Vegetables, fruits, pulses & legumes, grains, oil seeds and flowers