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The various products of Dhana Crop Sciences are very cost eff ective & with better performance than the products available in this space

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Micro Nutrients

Multi Micronutrient Fertilizers

Soil applications and foliar sprays as per prescribed formulas.

Chelated Micronutrients

Mineral Gluconates / Amino Glycinates

Mineral gluconate is the mineral (K, Ca, Mg, Zn and Fe) salt of gluconic acid. Gluconic acid is formed by fermenting Glucose in the presence of Micro organisms. It is soluble and bio-available.

The advantages of mineral gluconates in agriculture is that the Glucanates readily disassociate with respective metal ions thereby releasing the required minerals to the plant.

Chelation, in relation to this subject, is the chemical process of bonding a mineral to an amino acid Glycene. When this is done, the absorption and "bioavailability" of the mineral may be increased, meaning that the delivery of the mineral and its usability can be enhanced: One of the natural means of increasing bioavailability of minerals is chelation. The process involves bonding minerals, such as zinc or iron, to amino acids, in a stable form.

We are in Gluconate / Glycinate form: - Potassium | Zinc | Iron | Calcium | Copper | Manganese | Magnesium | Sulphur | N,P,K

No runoff of fertilizers into ground water

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